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Teletubbies and Goldfish for an Hour of Work

Posted by Abby Edwards.

I love my job.

The most exciting aspect for me is that I get to work from my home where life is most comfortable. But, working in a virtual environment is hard! You see, I have a 21 month old daughter who "works" at home with me everyday. Enough said.

When I began working for v-Fluence my daughter was a happy, content, immobile infant of six months. Focusing on my work was easy when all I had to do was put her in her swing and turn the mobile and music on! In the past year however, my job and daughter have both changed. As I took on more responsibility at work she continued to learn many new things as well. For instance, she can now walk, run, scream "no!" at the top of her lungs, pull all the food out of our kitchen cabinets, and climb up the stairs in record time. As you can imagine that means my day has the potential to be full of distraction. I have learned a few things along the way such as the Teletubbies, while horribly irritating to me, can provide thirty minutes of distraction-free work time while my daughter is mesmerized; sleeping is overrated and sometimes being productive during a day means waking early or staying up late to work; and Goldfish work great for stopping a temper tantrum in its tracks.

Despite all I've learned about working through distraction though, I am sometimes overcome with guilt, knowing that she acts out because she wants attention. In fact, that is hands-down the most difficult aspect of my job -- knowing that if I weren't working, she could be having more fun. We could go to the park, the St. Louis Zoo or a friend's house without ever thinking about how I will have to rearrange our evening to finish my work!

That said, I don't think that my feelings are any different from other working mothers; I think we would probably all love to give our child the most undivided, quality attention we possibly could. I am blessed however to have a job where I can at least be with her daily (cuddling before naptime is the part of the day I look forward to the most!) and not entrusting her care to someone else. Like I said, working from home with a toddler is difficult. But if I had to choose to take on the challenge of building a career from home while raising a child or building my career at and office and leaving her daily at a daycare, I would choose working from home with v-Fluence again in a heartbeat. Bring on the challenge! It's worth it.

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