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Connecting You with Your Online Environment

Today, online advertising, marketing and communications success comes only to those organizations and brands that adopt a holistic, consumer-centric view of Web 1.0 and consumer-generated media (Web 2.0) spaces.  How do people become aware of you online? Where do their interests take them? How well is your brand and message positioned and validated when they get there?

v-Fluence uses our proprietary online data-mining and analytics to answer these questions and define and positively shape your online environment—that is, the collective of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 spaces that are most critical for connecting your organization and brand with the online consumers you want to reach.

Discover why top-name organizations rely on v-Fluence for analysis, online strategy development and execution support that delivers measurable results.

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Mobile health boom continues, pharmaceutical and medical industry sector participation lags

A recent study by the Pew Internet Project reveals that 17 percent of cell phone owners use their phones to look up health or medical information and nearly 10 percent have added software applications ("apps") to help them track or manage their health.

New Twitter Features Streamline Users’ Navigation Path, Offer New Opportunities

Last month, popular microblogging/social networking site Twitter announced upcoming changes aimed at creating a more streamlined and simplified content sharing experience for users.


Has Google Become the Largest Unregulated Arbiter of Health Treatment Information?

A few months ago, Google quietly changed the way it displays prescription drug search results. As of late June, when anyone enters a drug name into Google’s engine, the first non-advertisement listing is a Google sanctioned drug summary.
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