It takes three things for any organization or brand to be successful on- and offline:

  1. Analytics and research that assess and leverage the way key stakeholders look for your organization’s issues and brands, and identify the online spaces that these consumers, opinion leaders and other influences find and matter most to them and you.
  2. Research-driven strategy and execution support to positively influence, shape and manage your online environment—taking advantage of existing and emerging opportunities, effectively engaging stakeholders and anticipating and addressing evolving risks.
  3. Ongoing measurement and monitoring of your online environment that alert you to new developments and trends and provide data-rich, ROI-ready results for your online advertising, marketing and communications efforts.

v-Fluence uses this trifecta of analytics, strategy development/execution and ongoing measurement to provide clients with a well-marked, manageable and measurable roadmap for effectively connecting with and influencing your target audiences. More specifically, we provide our clients with benchmark research, in-depth issues monitoring, continually updated stakeholder research and tactical analyses, industry trends reports, emerging digital communications white papers and tactical best-practice guides to help fuel, support and measure effective outreach and engagement. Our research and program execution support have helped established lasting networks of engaged influencers across the globe promoting agricultural technologies, sustainable food production, environmental initiatives, nutrition and food security interests and responsible product labeling and marketing campaigns.