v-Fluence has issues and reputation management experience across multiple industry and topic sectors. We have run dozens of crisis, litigation and reputation management campaigns and several ongoing multi-year, fully-integrated public affairs engagements that support of a wide range of products and issues in highly-regulated, advocacy-challenged and other contentious spaces. The v-Fluence team has highly specialized experience in agriculture, food and beverage issues, as well as nutrition and health topics. We provide research, monitoring, counsel and outreach support to a wide range of trade associations, major brands, academic organizations, consumer product companies and advocacy, international government organizations (IGOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governments and professional organizations.

v-Fluence specializes in agriculture, food and beverage issues. Areas of specific expertise include:

  • Biotech, GMOs and cloning
  • Crop chemistry and crop protection
  • Biofuels
  • Animal health
  • Foodborne illness, contamination and recalls
  • Food and agriculture product litigation
  • Food and production related ballot initiatives
  • Animal welfare, rights and care
  • Trade and international markets issues
  • Conservation and environment
  • Nutrition and health issues and policies
  • Food production, marketing policies and regulations
  • Producer, academic and other relevant stakeholder community building

Our team tracks the latest issues and marketing/communication trends and tactics in these and related spaces. More specifically, we provide our clients with continually updated stakeholder tactical analyses, industry trends reports, emerging digital communications white papers and tactical best-practice guides to help fuel, support and measure effective outreach and engagement. All v-Fluence topic-dedicated analysts and senior counselors receive ongoing training in industry-specific regulatory and reporting requirements as well as other industry-specific policies and best-practice guidelines on product labeling, marketing and other practices.

Since 2001, v-Fluence’s team of experts has reached tens of thousands of producers, industry professionals, academics, analysts and other influencers via keynote speeches, trainings and presentations at hundreds of food and agriculture conferences and events. Our research and expertise has been referenced in dozens of trade and mainstream media reports, books and other publications.